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Putting the “Plus” in Logistics Plus

People often ask us what the “Plus” in in Logistics Plus means. Although it can be difficult to put into words, we often say the “plus” represents all of the extra little things we do to help our customers be successful – whether that means someone working late to track a shipment, assigning a dedicated resource… Read more »

Global Logistics Services in Indonesia

Logistics Plus Inc. is a fast-growing worldwide provider of freight management, global logistics, and business solutions. We have a comprehensive network of people and resources located around the world … including Indonesia, where we have offices located in Jakarta and Surabaya. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and its largest city. It is located on the northwest corner of… Read more »

Global Trade Compliance Support Services

Is your company (or members of your association, chamber, or trade group) involved in the import or export of products or materials? If the answer is yes, then you should consider a Logistics Plus® Compliance Training Program to get a better understanding of the regulations and procedures that must be followed when shipping globally. The Logistics Plus Global Trade Compliance… Read more »

Get Quick Quotes from Logistics Plus

You have a business to run. You don’t have time to find equipment, review carrier safety records, negotiate competitive rates, get quotes from multiple carrier websites, call multiple freight brokers, deal with delivery issues, and all of the other headaches that come with freight management. And now you don’t have to. When you work with… Read more »

Logistics Plus Expands Presence in India

Logistics Plus Inc. continues to expand its worldwide presence with new offices located in India. Besides having our own offices in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai, we continue to expand our service and coverage by opening new partner/franchisee offices in smaller cities around the country. As reported by Sundreysh Sarup, managing director for Logistics Plus… Read more »

A Very Refined Project – Phase 1

This project that LP Indonesia is handling is amazing!  This project is an expansion LPG Refinery Plant in Indralaya near city of Palembang, South Sumatera. The equipment was purchased from one company, but was supplied from Canada, USA, France, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia.  The details for the various project pieces are below:   The 2… Read more »

Logistics Plus at the Twig Conference

Logistics Plus was well-represented at the Twig Logistics Network Conference in Itaji, Brazil. (R-L): Marina (Brazil),Maggie (China), Gaby, Francisco (Mexico), Xavi (Spain), and Pepe (Mexico).

Worldwide Teamwork!

Take a look at the latest move from LP Canada to LP Kazakhstan with assistance from LP USA, LP Turkey and LP Belgium: LP Canada to LP Kazakhstan  

Nhava Sheva Port Delays

  To our valued customers: Please note that that the port of Nhava Sheva in India is experiencing delays due to traffic congestion on roads leading to the port.  In fact, it is taking trucks two days to enter the port.  Therefore, there are lengthy delays in the lading and unlading of cargo. As always,… Read more »

Exploring Opportunities in South America

Gretchen has been spending time with our LP Chile team, exploring opportunities not only in Chile, but Peru and Brazil as well. Here’s Gretchen and Pepe Paco with our LP Chile team: And here’s our LP Chile warehouse: