WP$E Radio Audio Clip: Jim Berlin Comments on Smart 50 Honor

WPSE-AM-1450 1Yesterday, our business partners at WP$E radio interviewed Jim Berlin, founder and CEO of Logistics Plus, regarding the announcement that he was recently named as a Smart Business: Pittsburgh Smart 50 honoree for his ability to effectively build and lead a successful organization. A replay of the short audio clip, which includes an additional comment from Scott Frederick, vp of marketing for Logistics Plus, can be heard below.

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WP$E AM 1450/FM 107.1 airs Logistics Plus audio clips as part of its WP$E Partners for Business™ interview series. This is an ongoing schedule of comments by northwestern Pennsylvania CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders aired throughout the day. It includes news, information, and profiles of companies, industries, and professions directed to WP$E’s business and financial audience.