What it means to be a Great Supply Chain Partner

SCB_PartnersLogo_2015As we announced back on July 7, Logistics Plus was named a 2015 Great Supply Chain Partner by SupplyChainBrain magazine. The official July/August magazine article came out earlier this week. A copy of the article and the official, final listing of top supply chain partners also appears on the website. The article points out that no company and no supply chain exists in a vacuum. Shippers and logistics partners rely on each other because ‘no one of us can do it all, successfully, ourselves.’ We all need partners – but which ones are right for your company or supply chain?

According to the SupplyChainBrain authors, when they looked closely at all of this year’s ‘Great Supply Chain Partner’ nominations carefully, they found the following top ten challenges on readers’ minds with regard to issues that their supply chain partners help them solve:

  1. Reliability – Meaning well is not enough; hope is not a business model.
  2. Excellence – If they don’t have this upfront, should they be your partner?
  3. Value – Seriously, what does your potential partner bring to the table?
  4. Expertise – Give me a partner who knows my business – and something I don’t already know.
  5. Problem-solver – You deserve a proactive partner, not one looking to you for the answers.
  6. Continuous improvement – Does your partner value ongoing education?
  7. Support – Your partner needs to support you well after the sale is done or the implementation is finished.
  8. Positive attitude – You need a partner who sees challenges as opportunities.
  9. Global reach – You can’t conquer the world if you have a stay-at-home partner.
  10. Strong leadership – What’s required is much more than Leadership 101.

We here at Logistics Plus remain very proud of being both nominated and recognized as a 2015 Great Supply Chain Partner. Our ability and flexibility to address many of the supply chain challenges listed above is clearly a primary reason we were chosen for the list. Although we don’t know for sure which of our customers actually nominated us, we do continue to receive many testimonials that confirm our status as a great supply chain partner, including recent ones from a solar industry manufacturing company and a shelter systems relief organization.

Feel free to read the full SupplyChainBrain article online, check out the full 2015 Great Supply Chain Partner list, or contact Logistics Plus if you have a supply chain challenge of your own that you’d like us to help you with (just click the button below).