The First Annual Logistics Plus Employee Talent Show

Talent Show EmployeesOn Friday, April 13th, 2018, Logistics Plus held its first annual employee talent show. The turnout for this inaugural event was fantastic and the display of talent was equally impressive. Thank you to Mike Callan for handling the MC duties and providing some great comedic relief. Thank you to our talented participants, which included Bethe Carlson (vocals), Tim Scharf (guitar and vocals), Ryan McGregor (guitar), Garrett Bowden (poetry/rap), and Stacy Rabat (vocals). Also, thank you to our judging panel of Gary Pacheco, Emily Grein, Cassie Nagle, and Molly Schoullis. Lastly, thank you to Tracy White and Heidi Smith for organizing the event. Here is a post-event message from Jim and an abbreviated highlight video.

Talent Show JudgesDear Mike, Cassie, Tim, Bethe, Ryan, Garrett, Stacy, Gary, Emily, Molly, Tracy, Heidi … Thanks for making our first Annual LP Talent Show such a great success. I was very pleased at the turnout (and Marty did his usual great job at taking care of us in the concourse) and I am sure that because of last night’s performance, next year will be even bigger and better! Bethe, thanks for being our unofficial music director (besides rocking Janis etc. I was HOPING you’d do her when I heard you sing your first notes of your first song). Awesome! Ryan, great guitar work.  (and I bet your singing is not as bad as you are claiming. Next year 🙂) Tim, loved the selections and the performance. Gary was right, that they were unique selections and you did a great job with them. Garrett, you know I’m not a big fan of rap, but your song was very well written and of course you did a great job with it (but who the f— is Scotty Chase? 🙂) Stacy, what can I say?  You are special.  And even though dumbass Gary did not know your second song, it is one of my favorite old time songs, and you nailed it. Special. Gary, thanks for being the spokesman of the judges (and you’re right, first time you’ve probably heard Tim speak since he’s been there).  You made the job for the other judges easy 🙂. Emily, way to buck up your teammate, Stacy. Lucky you—getting to hear her singing at her desk every day. Cassie, WTF?  At work you’re the cheerleader. Last night you didn’t say a sound. Shoulda kicked Pacheco in the junk! Molly, glad you got to meet (for the very first time) a bunch of our folks. You were the newbie there. Glad you joined the fun. Tracy and Heidi, thanks for making this happen. And Mike, terrific job, bud. I know how hard that is and you did great. (the highlight for me is when you called your Grandma a b— with your Mom sitting at the table next to me 🙂) (BTW, when you said that, I think I heard her say, “that ungrateful bastard!”) And thanks to everyone who came and helped make it a memorable night. I know we will never look at Bethe and Ryan and Tim and Garrett and Stacy the same again. SO MUCH TALENT (besides just moving freight 🙂). Next year, hope the rest of you can make it. You missed a great time. Onward!” — JB