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Intermodal Freight Shipping Benefits

Intermodal shipping is a method of moving freight using more than one mode of transportation. The most common form of intermodal shipping is using truck and rail, but it can also involve ships or planes. The intermodal process most often begins with a container being moved by truck to a rail, and then back to… Read more »

The Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

Benefits of Intermodal Shipping Image

Intermodal shipping involves the movement of loads using multiple transportation modes (i.e., air, sea, road, or rail). Today, intermodal shipping often refers to a road-to-rail-to-road combination service that has enjoyed significant growth in supply chains across North America. The benefits of intermodal shipping include: A lower cost than standard trucking. Increased levels of security. Greater sustainability…. Read more »

Any Mode, Any Time, Anywhere!


As depicted in the circle image of the Logistics Plus (LP) logo, we have the experience and expertise to help shippers move their goods by any transportation mode, including GROUND, AIR, OCEAN, or RAIL. How did we acquire these capabilities? It all started twenty years ago with our first customer, GE Transportation (GET), a division of General Electric… Read more »

New Rail Service

MBA Business Magazine’s website features an article about our new rail service in Indonesia.  Read all about it here: MBA Business Magazine

Logistics Plus Offers New Rail Service in Indonesia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Logistics Plus Offers New Rail Service in Indonesia Erie, PA, January 30, 2014- Logistics Plus Indonesia / PT Sentra Logistik has opened a $2.5 million rail freight services facility at the Cikarang Dry Port, West Java.  Logistics Plus will manage the international forwarding, supply chain management, offshore logistics base, project, and domestic… Read more »