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Slide Show of June 2019 Union Station Photographs

Logistics-Plus-Truck_003 medres

Check out this slide show from the Logistics Plus (LP) Flickr page with new photographs, taken by Rob Frank Photography, showcasing a couple of our NTL tractors and the LP trailer in front of Union Station. These photos are still raw and hot-off-the-press (some touch-up work still needs to be done), but we we’re excited… Read more »

NTL Expands Warehousing & Fulfillment Capabilities in Erie


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NTL Expands Warehousing & Fulfillment Capabilities in Erie With three facilities in Erie, NTL now offers over 150,000 square feet of industrial and commercial warehousing. ERIE, PA (July 26, 2018) – NTL, an Erie, PA-based sister company to Logistics Plus Inc. and a leading local provider of transportation and warehousing solutions, has… Read more »

Joe Santone Featured on WPSE Radio Business Spotlight


In case you missed it, Joe Santone, senior vice president for Logistics Plus, was featured on today’s airing of Business Spotlight on WPSE AM 1450/FM 107.1 Radio. Business Spotlight is a 30-minute program airing Fridays at noon. Each segment focuses on a business or organization that is making an impact across the region. In this month’s segment, Joe… Read more »

Slide Show of New Logistics Plus Branded Trailer Photographs


Check out this slide show with new photographs, taken by Rob Frank Photography, showcasing our newly branded Logistics Plus (LP) trailer (some with our founder and CEO, Jim Berlin). Although Logistics Plus is mostly a non-asset 3PL (no trucks), it does own an asset-based trucking division called National Truckload (NTL). As shown here, our new LP… Read more »

New Logistics Plus Branded Trailer on Display in Erie

Logistics Plus Truck

Check out this short video clip showcasing a newly branded Logistics Plus (LP) trailer. The trailer is being pulled by a National Truckload (NTL) division tractor, of course. LP is the parent company to NTL (stay tuned, we have some new photographs on the way soon too). |

NTL Introduces a New Website


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NTL Introduces a New Website Division of Logistics Plus showcases its truckload services and unique business solutions ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA, April 6, 2015 – NTL, the national truckload division of Logistics Plus Inc., announced today that is has introduced a new website. The new website provides a spotlight on the company’s truckload… Read more »

Maximize Your Freight Broker Relationship

This week Inbound Logistics magazine distributed an article called “10 Tips for Maximizing Your Freight Broker Relationship.” If you saw the article, it almost reads like a checklist for Logistics Plus® freight services. Here are the recommended ten tips from the article along with information on how Logistics Plus stacks up: Find a reliable partner with market… Read more »

Big Equipment Painting and Maintenance Business Solutions

In addition to freight management and global logistics services, Logistics Plus® provides a variety of specialized and unique business solutions – just another way we put the “plus” in logistics to help our customers be successful. One of our more unique business solutions is delivered through our National Truck Load (NTL) division in Erie, Pennsylvania. Serving nearby businesses in… Read more »

Logistics Plus Trucks are Traversing the Country

Logistics Plus (LP) Lexington driver in Loraine, TX on Interstate 20. Cecil Muncy, the first LP Lexington company driver, took the picture on his way to deliver in El Paso, TX and then on to Flagstaff, AZ. Look for the National Truck Load (NTL) Logo on our new shiny white trucks.