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Logistics Plus Attends U.S. Department of Defense Annual Forum

NDTA Joint Chiefs of Staff

Blaine Kurtz, director of aerospace and defense for Logistics Plus, attended the NDTA U.S. Department of Defense Annual Transportation & Logistics Forum last week to further introduce Logistics Plus to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) community, and to deepen our involvement within the aerospace and defense industry.  The annual forum provides an opportunity for USDOD service… Read more »

Logistics Plus Participates in USAF and USMC Events


Blaine Kurtz, director of aerospace and defense for Logistics Plus, recently attended two major government events: the U.S. Air Force Association Annual National Convention and the U.S. Modern Day Marine Expo. By all accounts, both events were well-attended and Logistics Plus was successful in strengthening our ties with key government and military logistics professionals. Here are a… Read more »

We put the “PLUS” in the Aerospace Supply Chain


With tight delivery requirements from your customers and the high cost of logistics, you need a reliable partner willing and able to do more for you. Logistics Plus is an experienced company that understands the day-to-day needs for great logistics support, but also the unique requirements of the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry. As a… Read more »