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On The Road Again

And what a road!  How do you get your project cargo from Shanghai to Kazakhstan?  Call Logistics Plus of course!  Our LP Turkey office made arrangements for this shipment.  For some perspective, take a look at the shipment, and then take a look at the length of its journey.

New VAT Charges in China

Starting on August 1st,  China government will implement a VAT of 6% for transportation services payable in China.  This regulation will affect shipments on a prepaid basis (even if freight is billed to foreign company,  VAT will be charged).  

Expected slowdown due to Chinese Holidays…

Chinese businesses will be closed from September 30th – October 7th for the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Day and National Day. The first two weeks of October, the carriers have withdrawn a substantial amount of capacity from the trade lane.  The first week is around 10,000 FEU (40 foot equipment unit) while the second week… Read more »

Big cargo on biggest vessel: 1 windmill generator on Emma Maersk

Sunday April 1st (no joke). On behalf of its customer Emergya Windmill technologies, Logistics Plus China Project division loaded 1 unit windmill generator ‘as breakbulk’ on a container vessel. This is ‘nothing special’ as we do this type of shipment quite often. But the special comes from the fact we loaded it on the biggest… Read more »

“Big and Ugly”

Logistics Plus China has had a very successful and busy project cargo spring: generators, buses, steel pipes were leaving China destined for Baku/Turkey. A dedicated team never really leaves the shipment. So they decided to go on a company outing to Yangshan Port, the busiest container port in the world.

Logistics Plus China Moves Industrial Press

On behalf of its principal Stute Verkehrs, Logistics Plus China has managed the receipt, storage and delivery to Changzhou jobsite of an industrial press, totaling 2600 freight tons, including some units of over 90 metric tons. Some highlights of the project: LP China advised customer to change port of discharge to Jiangyin because of unsafe… Read more »

Logistics Plus China assists Renold in critical delivery to Yunnan

What do you do when you simply have to deliver on time? What do you do when you have to deliver to a site at the other end of the globe? What do you do if that site is 2581km from Shanghai airport in Kunming, a road ‘less travelled’? Right, you call LP and that’s… Read more »