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Do I need a 3PL or a 4PL … or something in-between?


Shippers are often confused when faced with the choice of partnering with a 3PL or 4PL to tackle their logistics and transportation challenges. Logistics Plus provides both 3PL and 4PL solutions, but we prefer to think of ourselves as the best of both worlds: a 3½PL if you will. For definition purposes, a 1PL is… Read more »

Logistics Plus featured in the September 2018 edition of Business Magazine


Logistics Plus is being featured with a cover story in the September 2018 edition of Business Magazine, a monthly publication of the Manufacturer & Business Association.  Business Magazine covers the most compelling business issues facing employers today. As the only monthly business-to-business publication in the tri-state region, the Business Magazine serves as a critical information tool… Read more »

Video: Top Reasons Why You Need Logistics Plus

Top Reasons Why You Need LP Play

Watch this short video on the “Top Reasons Why You Need Logistics Plus.” If you’re not into videos, you can also read this similar online post we published a few months back.  Interesting in learning more?

Made By Google Pixel 2 TV Commercial

Made by Google

Check out this very cool commercial (and seemingly a very cool product as well) from our newest customer. Logistics Plus will be helping Google deliver their new Pixel 2 phone (and other products Made by Google) to North America this holiday season. Onward!

A 3½PL approach to 4PL Solutions


At Logistics Plus, we provide both 3PL and 4PL solutions. What’s the difference between a 3PL and a 4PL? In a nutshell, a 3PL is a partner that provides logistics services to a client using either their own assets, contracted assets, or both. Conversely, a 4PL is an integrated and outsourced partner, often with dedicated, onsite resources,… Read more »

Global Supply Chain Control Towers at Logistics Plus


Global Supply Chain Control Towers are gaining interest among organizations that need greater visibility and control within their increasingly sophisticated supply chains. In a recent Capgemini Consulting report, a supply chain control tower is defined as a central hub with the required technology, organization and processes to capture and use supply chain data to provide… Read more »