Shout-Out to the Logistics Plus China Shipyard Team

LP Logo B - ChinaHere is an “LP Proud” shout-out to the Logistics Plus China Shipyard Team! Steven and Sam – with the very welcome support of Nico (for containerized shipments) and Xin (who keeps track of everything from Antwerp) – have arranged, and continue to arrange, a large number of deliveries of parts and equipment to various shipyards in China, Korea and Japan.

These project cargo shipments are not ‘the biggest’ out there (see slideshow), but they are still tricky to handle, and most of them need special customs procedures via a ‘bonded logistics zone’. Despite the challenges, our ‘China Team’ deals with every curve ball thrown at them. While they too often go unnoticed, it’s these ‘small’ shipments that make the difference and keep our customers happy and coming back for more. So, thank you LP China Shipyard Team for your Passion for Excellence!