warehouse_freightNorth American warehousing & distribution. 

Logistics Plus dedicated warehouse solutions are just the right size, in just the right place, for just the right length of time. You don’t pay for space you don’t need; we’ll find you the perfect fit! Let us help diagnose your warehousing challenges, develop inventory management solutions and then make those solutions work where it matters – out there in the real world.

TT-Top-Storage-Warehousing-Firm-2019Logistics Plus warehousing and distribution service options:

Logistics Plus warehousing and distribution benefits:

  • Secure and clean warehouse environments
  • Expert care in handling and storing of products
  • LIFO and/or FIFO inventory management systems
  • Daily deliveries that complement ‘just-in-time’ requirements
  • Daily communication of warehousing activities
  • A “buffer zone” between suppliers and customers; saving you time and reducing errors
  • Ability to reduce on-hand inventory allowing for better utilization of factory floor space
  • Low cost warehousing located near your customers
  • Consolidation point for suppliers making multi-plant shipments
  • Significant reduction or elimination of costly rush shipments to customers

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