ERI Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

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The Logistics Plus general purpose ERI Foreign Trade Zone (ERI FTZ) warehousing and distribution facility is conveniently located at Erie International Airport (ERI) Tom Ridge Field. The ERI FTZ was activated in close cooperation with Erie International Airport, and the Erie-Western Pennsylvania Port Authority, the Grantee of Foreign Trade Zone #247.

Foreign-Trade Zoneswarehouse_freight (FTZ) are secure areas under U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) supervision that are generally considered outside CBP territory upon activation. Goods can be stored, assembled, packaged and labeled in an FTZ indefinitely, and withdrawn in whole or in part as needed. No duties are paid on goods while they are stored in an FTZ. If you are importing goods into the U.S. or transiting goods through the U.S. then using a FTZ will most likely be of benefit to you.

The benefits of using a FTZ include the following:

  • Duty deferral and reduction.
  • Flexibility in meeting import quotas.
  • Avoiding duty drawback costs and delays.
  • Avoiding bonded warehouse time limitations.

FTZs also provide benefits to the general public:

  • Help facilitate and expedite international trade.
  • Encourage and facilitate exports.
  • Encourage retention of domestic activity.
  • Assist state/local economic development efforts.
  • Help create employment opportunities.

The FTZ Board requires that zone manufacturing activity result in a significant public benefit and a net positive economic effect. In addition, the U.S. CBP supervises all zone activity and ensures that all customs and FTZ Board requirements are observed.


Contact us to discuss the possibilities, cost savings, and other benefits available to you through use of our ERI FTZ warehouse. We even provide financing solutions in conjunction with WorldBusiness Capital® – because we know that your order-to-delivery cycle doesn’t always match your cash flow needs, especially as your business grows.