LTL-Density-RatesAre you tired of getting charge backs on wrongly classified LTL freight bills?

Are you sick of trying to understand thousands of less-than-truckload (LTL) freight descriptions and dozens of freight classifications? Well, be tired and sick no longer!

Introducing the Logistics Plus® Density Rates Program for freight forwarders and international shippers. Once you’re registered (access is FREE through our eShipPlus™ TMS), you simply input the dimensions (inches or centimeters) and weight (pounds or kilograms) of your shipment and then let us worry about the rest. PLUS, all rates are guaranteed against re-class issues so long as the dimensions and weight entered are correct.

Wrongly classifying your freight can completely wipe out your profit on a shipment or order. What’s worse, if you received the wrong class from your customer or vendor, the chances of being able to bill back the adjusted charges and actually receive the funds is next to impossible.

Our exclusive rating program provides you with simple, quick and competitive rates with top TSA-certified national and regional LTL freight carriers. Best of all, your operations people will get a single, flat rate that is certified and guaranteed based on the information they entered into the program (see example rate selection window below).


If you’re interested in learning more about using this exclusive Logistics Plus program, please Contact Us for more information.