customs broker solutions

If you ship internationally, you need customs broker solutions.

Logistics Plus Customs Broker Solutions can help you reduce that stress by making sure all rules and regulations are followed as we move your freight across the border. Our licensed brokers understand tariff schedules and government agencies. We save time and reduce delays by interfacing electronically with customs and offering remote location filings (RLF) for any port. Logistics Plus Customs Broker Solutions can transmit electronic entry data to all ports within the United States using its approved RLF status.  Customers who work with us will benefit from consistent, uniform entry processing, expedited clearance times and overall reduction in costs – no matter where they are located. Additional benefits include:

  • lp-customs-broker-solutions-llcProvides one consistent point of contact
  • Reduces overall clearance processing time
  • Simplifies Customs record keeping
  • Improves compliance with Customs requirements
  • Reduces Customs entry transaction fees
  • Provides for more consistent cargo processing
  • Cuts communication costs
  • Cost savings in messenger fees

For more information, please contact:
Gretchen Blough (Customs Brokerage Manager)
Phone: 814.461.7630

When it comes to customs brokerage and global trade compliance, our experts can guide you through the complexities of the customs process.