Dear Erie, PA Business Leaders,


Historic Union Station in Erie, PA – Our Global Headquarters

Hello. I don’t know if you heard, but Logistics Plus® (or LP as we like to call ourselves) recently celebrated our 20th anniversary. Twenty years – growing from our original 3 people to over 400 people in 20 countries and STILL based in Erie, Pa.

As you may know, our company and our people have donated lots of time and money to all the charitable causes around town, we have helped bring the historic Union Station and the surrounding area back to life, we have commissioned several murals to brighten up our city, and our 150 local employees pay local taxes, and shop and eat at local establishments. What comes to LP, by and large, stays in Erie. We pride ourselves on being good and generous corporate citizens.

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Also, we are able to provide a lot of local graduates with good paying, fun and interesting jobs with an exciting, cutting-edge global company – no reason for them to leave home. Keeping “our” kids here in Erie is good for the community – hopefully you agree.

Attached is some info about LP. If you don’t know us already, I would respectfully ask that you consider LP for at least some of your business needs. We provide a whole range of services and NO CUSTOMER IS TOO SMALL. You will quickly see that our PEOPLE and the SERVICE they provide are the keys to our success. If interested, just email us at or call us at 814-461-7600. We also have a cool anniversary video online at if you’re really interested.

Thanks for your support, whether in the past or yet to come. We excitedly look forward to remaining a big part of Erie’s growth into this 21st century.

Onward and upward!

Thank you,

Jim Berlin
Founder & CEO

Logistics Plus – Global Headquarters
1406 Peach St.
Erie, PA 16501
Phone: 1.814.461.7600
Fax: 1.814.461.7645