A Very Refined Project – Phase 1

This project that LP Indonesia is handling is amazing!  This project is an expansion LPG Refinery Plant in Indralaya near city of Palembang, South Sumatera. The equipment was purchased from one company, but was supplied from Canada, USA, France, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia.  The details for the various project pieces are below:

The 2 units of the molecular sieve tower and its accessories shipped from Malaysia
The dimensions:  L 13.00 meters x W / dia 3.58 meters x H (incl. Temp support)  4.2 meters
Weight : 61.20 Ton / each
Transportation :
a. 268 Km land transport from Kuatan (East Peninsula of Malaysia) to Port Klang (West Peninsula of Malaysia)
b. Sea transport from Port Klang to Musi River Port of “Boom Baru”, Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia
c.  Land transport from Palembang to project site in Indralaya (± 40Km) Now the stuffs have arrived in Palembang Port, waiting for customs clearance and project site crane readiness.
Photos while in Port Klang :
Photos on arrival in Palembang port :