John Allen: The One-Armed, Guitar-Playing,
Forklift-Driving, Dallas LP’er

PassionEveryone, meet John Allen.

“Today started out like most days, but with a little more stress than usual. Folks were a bit on edge and I was trying to find a way to get everyone back on pace. We pulled out the burgers in the freezer and then John Allen said, ‘Just give me a few minutes and I will get everything back on track.’ As you can see, John has one arm, but is forklift certified and a tremendous people person. He loads and offloads trucks. He pulls freight and the customers love him, and he has one heck of a golf game. John has been a huge asset to our Dallas warehouse. All it took was a few minutes of John playing the guitar and the entire staff was back at it in full force- all thanks to him. John displays the true spirit of Logistics Plus and our employees’ shared Passion for Excellence.” Sabrina Ragland

Thanks to Sabrina (our Dallas/Fort Worth Warehouse Manager) for sharing this amazing story.

You can watch the video of John playing the guitar on the Logistics Plus YouTube Channel or below.