Logistics Plus Podcasts

Listen to our ongoing collection of podcasts (many of which were recorded and edited in partnership with Money Radio WP$E as part of its Business Spotlight series). You can also listen to them on the Logistics Plus YouTube Channel. Each podcast features an in-depth interview with one or more of our employees, managers or executives.

Yuriy Ostapyak , COO & Dir. Global Ops.

Jim Berlin, Founder & CEO                                           Brenden Lalli, Director of IT PMO

Matt Bosko, Logistics Specialist                                    Tracy Coffy, Human Resources Manager

Milliennials: Ryan, Moustafa, Megan, Kalya                 Adam Mook & Gretchen Blough

Jim Berlin, Founder & CEO                                           Harald Aamodt, General Manager LPSCS

Berlin, Frederick, Blough                                              Danny Yunes, VP Global Operations & Strategy

Kortnie & Molly, FF&E Logistics                                 Matt Reichert, Operations Manager LPLS

Bethe Carlson, Freight Claims Management              Ryan McGregor, Business Intelligence

Yuriy Ostapyak , Director of Global Operations            Jim Berlin, Founder & CEO

Gretchen Blough, Custom Brokerage Manager          Scott Frederick, Vice President, Marketing

Frank Knafelz, Senior Vice President                            Suraj Joshi, Director of Trade Lane Development