LP-HeroBX-Case-Study4PL Supply Chain Solution

This case study is an example of a 4PL supply chain solution implemented by Logistics Plus for HERO BX, a top 10 producer of biodiesel fuels in the United States. Although the original solution was implemented nearly 10 years ago, it remains successfully in place today. A summary is provided below. If you’d like to download and read the complete case study, click here or click the thumbnail image shown below.

Business Profile

  • LP-HeroBX-CaseStudy-ThumbnailHERO BX is the largest biodiesel production facility in the Northeast
  • The facility has the capacity to produce 50 million gallons of biodiesel a year
  • Biodiesel is a high-volume, narrow margin business making logistics an important component to its overall market competitiveness

Business Challenge

  • Outsource logistics expertise for rate negotiations, route planning, and inbound/outbound coordination to allow the production facility to focus on its core competencies of making biodiesel

Logistics Plus® Solution

  • Provide two dedicated logistics specialists to work on-site at the HERO BX production facility to plan, route, and coordinate all logistics activities


  • HERO BX production and sales have increased annually to a peak in 2013 of nearly 50 million gallons of biodiesel (nearly 150,000 gallons per day)
  • Logistics Plus on-site personnel have become crucial members of the HERO BX procurement and logistics team, successfully coordinating transportation for 15-30 rail cars and 25-50 trucks per day in and out of the production facility

Additional Media

Video interview with Chris Kuehl, the Logistics Plus employee who manages rail logistics for HERO BX.

HERO BX corporate overview video.

Slideshow of HERO BX logistics photographs.