New Logistics Plus Impact Labels Alert Potential Concealed Damage

From containers in shipment, to equipment in warehouses, to individual packages … Logistics Plus has you covered with affordable transportation and product-monitoring solutions. Nothing is worse than dealing with the hassle of damaged product deliveries – and concealed damage is among the hardest to spot.  If concealed damage is not identified at the time of delivery, proving carrier liability for the damage becomes extremely difficult when filing a freight claim. For that reason, Logistics Plus is offering new “impact labels” to qualified customers who need a low-cost alert system for potential concealed damages.

Impact Labels Alert Potential Concealed Damage

The new Logistics Plus impact label indicators for packaging deter mishandling and reduce damage related costs by indicating when fragile products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit or in storage. Impact labels are tamper-proof, mechanically-activated devices that turn bright red when an impact occurs. Standard labels have a sensitivity of 25G, but 37G, 50G, 75G, and 100G labels are also available. If your package sustains an impact of 25G, the indicator in the middle of the sticker will turn red. That means your shipment has been potentially damaged on the inside, and you should open and inspect your shipment before your delivery driver leaves the premises. If damage has occurred, be sure to note it on the signed delivery receipt.


Impact labels are one of many product-monitoring solutions that Logistics Plus is able to provide to shippers. For larger, more complex shipments, or higher-valued assets, RFID and GPS devices (such as Roambees) might be the more appropriate solution. However, if you need basic, low-cost product-monitoring, then impact labels might be the way to go.

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