Monster Project Tamed by Logistics Plus

Rogers Equipment Project

A project almost two years in the making came together yesterday for Logistics Plus and our customer Rogers Brothers Corporation Rogers Brothers, manufacturer of ROGERS® low-bed heavy-hauler semi-trailers, designed and constructed the largest trailer they have manufactured since WWII for their customer, Southern Peru Copper Mine Corp.  The monster-sized trailer is designed to haul large mining equipment off-road, and is two-to-three times larger than a standard highway trailer.  Fully assembled, it weighs 94 tons, is over 100 feet long, 20 feet wide, and is capable of hauling 440,000 pounds.  Each one of its 24 tires is made of solid rubber (i.e., no air) and weighs close to 1,000 pounds.  This one trailer is so big, that Logistics Plus needed to coordinate six over-dimensional trailer loads to legally move it on U.S. highways.

Rogers Brothers trusted Logistics Plus to coordinate the movement of the trailer from its manufacturing facility in Albion, PA to a warehouse at the Port of Houston in Texas, where the end customer will ship the trailer via ocean break bulk to Peru.  Many Logistics Plus team members – including Andy Seidler, Matt Bosko, Abi Lopez, Gretchen Seth, Craig Warnshuis, Gretchen Blough, Jeremy Chaffee, and others – were involved off and on over the past two years to assist the Rogers Brothers staff in costing, planning, quoting, surveying, and finally coordinating and loading the trucks.

Logistics Plus team members, Gretchen Blough and Jeremy Chaffee, were onsite yesterday at Rogers Brothers to help coordinate the final details, including trucks, drivers, riggers, and paperwork.  As often is the case, some ‘behind the scenes’ hiccups and weather issues made things interesting. In the end, however, the combined team battled through a snow storm, ice, and cold to load all six truckloads in just over eight hours.  The customer is very pleased, and everything is proceeding on schedule to deliver to Houston.

If you have big, unique, or challenging project cargo as described here, then contact us and let our Logistics Plus specialists go to work for you too.

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