Logistics Plus Teamwork On Full Display for Recent Projects

In February 2019, Patric Drewes and Sandra Dinklage visited a new client to introduce the new Logistics Plus Project GmbH team. Not long after, Logistics Plus was awarded two projects from this client, both of which were bale finishing systems weighing about 200 freight tons each. From morning to night, the Logistics Plus Project Cargo team successfully handled and delivered both projects. The two projects and some of the challenges our team faced are highlighted below:

GP-ARC7 Bale Press to Monroeville, AL:

  • A fixed delivery date of August 1, 2019
  • The bale press and several containers from Europe were in Shipper Owned Containers (SOC) and Carrier Owned Containers (COC)
  • Major SOC’s and COC’s were loaded at the factory in Foshan, China
  • The cases were not ready in time, creating a shorter time frame to reach the fixed delivery date
  • Limited space on the vessels sailing from China to the U.S.

GP-Foley to Perry, FL:

  • Delivery between July 29th and August 16th, 2019
  • The bale press delivered to Antwerp where it was to be loaded onto the vessel
  • The vessel carrier cancelled the sailing to Jacksonville, causing Logistics Plus to find a different solution (we did!)
  • The cargo was shipped in COC including out of gauge (OOG)
  • Consignee was unable to do a live offload and the containers had to stay on site on a chassis

Teamwork On Full Display

Both projects were coordinated by Sandra Dinklage and the Logistics Plus Project GmbH team in Bremen, Germany. The Bremen team was responsible for the coordination of all parts and the bale presses from Europe. Once coordinated, the Logistics Plus Shanghai team arranged the pre-carriage and ocean freight from the factory in China. The loading’s were arranged on weekends with full staff support. Lastly, the Logistics Plus U.S. Project Cargo team was responsible for coordinating with the clients broker, along with handling all of the drayage, trans-loading, and final deliveries of each container to site.

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