Logistics Plus Offers Smoking Cessation Program

With the help of the Erie County Department of Health and the Northwest Pennsylvania Tobacco Control Program, Logistics Plus has successfully implemented a smoking cessation program for employees. Over the past several months, members from the Department of Health have conducted weekly meetings and lunch discussions to offer tips and suggestions to stop smoking. Employees who participated were provided with charts, questionnaires, and brochures that helped with setting goals and tracking progress as people began their smoke-free journey.

The Erie County Department of Health provided constant support and a point of contact for any questions or concerns our employees had during this process. As a result, Logistics Plus is happy to announce that multiple employees in the program are now two and three months smoke-free! As a fast-growing, global company, Logistics Plus understands the importance of our employees health and lifestyles. Congratulations to all of our employees who are making progress in their journey towards a smoke-free lifestyle!