Logistics Plus Expands Presence in India

India ExpansionLogistics Plus Inc. continues to expand its worldwide presence with new offices located in India. Besides having our own offices in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai, we continue to expand our service and coverage by opening new partner/franchisee offices in smaller cities around the country.

As reported by Sundreysh Sarup, managing director for Logistics Plus in New Delhi, India, our first success has been achieved by opening an office in the city of Ludhiana (Sundreysh is shown above cutting the ceremonial ribbon on Wednesday). Our new partner is M/S PN Logistics. Being led by Mr. Narinder Dogra, he and his team are spreading the Logistics Plus® brand deeper into the country. They are assisted by the Logistics Plus regional team stationed at New Delhi, and jointly we are collaborating on new businesses opportunities.

The Logistics Plus suite of global logistics solutions include import/export services, air and ocean freight forwarding, project cargo, vendor sourcing, and trade compliance consultation. If you have global logistics needs inside, outside the country of India (or anything in-between), please contact us through email at or call 1-866-LOG-PLUS for more information.