Logistics Plus Completes Challenging Project Cargo Move

The Logistics Plus project cargo team completed the successful delivery of a DMU 340 G machine from Pfronten, Germany to Waterville, Canada. In order to complete this project, our team had to jump over various hurdles including the location of the job site, the dimension of the machine bed, the lack of cranes available, and the pressing deadline (4 weeks door-to-door). In total, the shipment included 11 crates that weighed a total of 545 freight tons. The largest crate held the machine bed which was 10.2 m long, 4.6 m wide, and 3.9 m high, weighing 75 tons.

Since Waterville is located 95 miles east of Montreal, the project cargo team decided that Bécancour would be the best point of delivery. Once the crates arrived in Bécancour, another challenge presented itself. Due to the Quebec road restrictions, parcels with a width over 4.4 meters were not allowed to be shipped. To accommodate this restriction, our team un-crated the machine bed to reduce the width to the legal limit.

Once the crates arrived in Waterville, our team had to offload the multi-axle truck without a crane due to the hall’s low height. To complete the offloading, Logistics Plus used hydraulic jacks that lifted the machine bed into its assigned place with ease.

Pictures from this project can be seen below.