Infographic: What Manufacturing Really Looks Like

mfg-day-2015As a global supply chain solutions company, we work across all types of industries to help businesses manage all aspects of logistics. The manufacturing industry is a large segment for Logistics Plus given the common set of challenges these industrial organizations have sourcing raw materials, managing inventories, producing products, and then delivering finished goods. The manufacturing industry is not only important to logistics companies like us. As the following infographic from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) illustrates, it’s also a critical component to our entire economy. For that reason, Logistics Plus will be actively celebrating national MFG Day on October 1-2, 2015. Not only will be celebrating in spirit, we’re also a local sponsor of the MFG Day in Erie, PA. If you do business in the area, we hope to see you at the Exhibit Hall at Bayfront Convention Center on Thursday, October 1 (please visit for more information).

What-Manufacturing-Really-Looks-Like-[Infographic]-by NIST MEP