Do you speak my language?

translation servicesNǐ xūyào fānyì yīmén wàiyǔ?
Tapā’īṁ vidēśī bhāṣā anuvāda garna āvaśyaka cha?
¿Necesita traducir un idioma extranjero?
Do you need to translate a foreign language?  

If you need help with in-person, on the phone, or document translations services, then you need Logistics Plus Linguistic Solutions (LPLS).  In addition, LPLS can assist with multi-cultural marketing and advertising—including website, software and multi-media presentations.

LPLS provides the following services:

LPLS provides consecutive or simultaneous services in person or over the phone and can accommodate any event from business meetings and seminars to field operations in remote locations.

Management Training Needs Assessment & Consulting
LPLS specializes in assisting multi-national customers with international teams all over the world. They help you directly address cultural issues and help you develop the competence you need to be more effective when working across cultures.

Document Translation
LPLS offer fast and accurate translation of any and all types of documents (medical records, business proposals, legal correspondence, technical manuals, brochures, immigration or tax records and more).  They can scale their services to meet your demands and budget.

Website and Software Localization Multimedia Production
As technology evolves so do LPLS – its staff is technologically savvy and stands ready to assist you in translating your digital needs to match those of any country in which you aim to integrate this technology.

LPLS is comprised of a group of language, logistics, and military veterans who are experienced in the fields of language services and training, recruiting, intelligence, security, logistics, information technology, government relations and military operations.  With this extensive background, LPLS is the ideal partner when it comes to translation and interpretation services and gives clients a competitive advantage in conducting business internationally. To learn more, you can download the PDF shown below, or you can visit their website at