The NTL Warehouse in Erie, PA provides warehousing and distribution solutions.

With 40,000 or more square feet, the NTL warehouse provides a complete set of warehousing, storage and distribution services. We have a 110-ton crane on site with 240,000 pounds of lift capacity, as well as a heavy-duty forklift. With open space and high-ceilings, this warehouse is perfect for heavy-lift cargo and products that are both big and small. We can economically store and manage your inventory in this well-maintained facility.

Businesses interested in additional information regarding NTL warehousing solutions can contact us via email at

NTL Warehouse
1710 Greengardend Blvd.
Erie, PA 16505
Phone: 814.833.2771

The NTL Main Facility in Erie, PA provides painting, maintenance, crating, and more.


Serving nearby businesses in Northwest PA, Northeast OH, and Southwest NY, the NTL main facility provides industrial painting services, heavy vehicle maintenance and repair, and customized crating solutions (in addition to routing and dispatching our NTL truckload delivery services).  The facility is big, clean and is uniquely designed for large, heavy machinery and equipment. At this facility we have painted everything from railroad train cars, to truck trailers, to engines, to wind turbines. One piece of equipment that allow us to make this all happen is our industrial-sized forklift that can pick up and move equipment weighing up to 65,000 pounds!

If you’re company or business is located in any of the surrounding “tri-state” areas (e.g., Erie, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, etc.), and if you have big equipment that needs to be painted or maintained, give us a call at 814.833.2771.

NTL Main Facility
2311 West 15th Street
Erie, PA 16505
Phone: 814.833.2771