Additional Thought For The Day


You know, as we experience the ancient Khmer culture and visit these beautiful temples (like Angkor Wat) one silly thing struck me:

Even though these were built over 1,000 years ago (think about that!) there were still companies/people like us who made them happen.

Angkor Wat needed 27,000 people a day. 4,000 elephants (think trucks : ). These 20 ton + pieces of stone (funny that’s about the weight allowed on modern rigs) had to be brought from a quarry over 40 miles away.  Crews had to hoist them (remember, without electricity or forklifts or cranes or any software) to great heights to build these magnificent temples.

I’d imagine the guys/gals who said, “I’ll take care of that for you, King” were the Logistics Plus of their time. 😀

As I tell folks when we interview them, “Everything moves, and has since the beginning of time, and (until someone comes up with an app that will transport a pallet from LA to the UK) there will be people like us who take the headaches away and makes it happen easier, cheaper, with less headaches for the customer”.  That’s why I always see, this is a career, not a job.

Pretty cool!

And what an amazing place 😀

Jim Berlin, CEO, Logistics Plus

Temple Angkor Wat 02