6 steps to getting your product to your FBA warehouse

Getting your product to your FBA warehouseIf you’re an Amazon retailer or seller, here are 6 steps to getting your product to your FBA warehouse (Fulfillment By Amazon), according to Michael D. Marani, author of The Amazon Sales Formula (available in e-book format on

  1. Ask your supplier what the weight of each master carton is, and what the dimensions are.
  2. Ask your supplier for the exact address.
  3. Ask your supplier to provide you with a quote for your units including shipping. If they ask you if you have a preference, then respond saying that you would like the most affordable option.
  4. Contact Logistics Plus at and use the weight and dimension information that your supplier provided along with the supplier address to help provide you with an accurate quote. Don’t worry if you miss something important – Logistics Plus will work with you to get the information needed.
  5. Choose the most affordable option.
  6. Communicate this choice with your supplier.

In his e-book, Mr. Marani goes on to suggest that some people will disagree with only seeking two options for shipping. However, he is a firm believer that some times too many options can lead to analysis paralysis. If you look hard enough, you can always find somebody cheaper, but if you truly value your time, you’ll quickly realize that you’re going to get quick and fair quote from Logistics Plus, and you’ll be keeping your supplier honest in the process.

Some Amazon sellers like to have their product shipped to their homes or businesses before sending them off to the FBA warehouse. That way they can inspect their product and make sure they received exactly what they ordered. Alternatively, Logistics Plus can provide this same service. If you ask, we will ship your product to one of our many warehouses around the country and then we’ll inspect your product and send you photographs for your review before sending it off to your FBA warehouse. If your order is faulty or not to specifications, you can let your supplier know so that they will be sure not to slack off when fulfilling your next order because they know you’ll be looking!

The Amazon Sales Formula provides additional step-by-step instructions on how best to sell on Amazon. Just remember, when you work with Logistics Plus – we take care of the customs, transportation and logistics so that you can stay focused on selling your products! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or click the button below to get started.