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Hi Andy,

It’s Lee Anne’s turn to have her praises sung.  She went above and beyond to be sure a delivery was made for one of my customers who was shut down waiting for the product.  It wasn’t the carrier’s fault, but she really jumped through hoops for me.  And did it all w/ a pleasant attitude.

Maybe she could teach the customer service course as well.

Elizabeth Sweeney [Sales, Trans 58]

Once again, Julie has risen above the rest with excellent customer service.  Ward had a problem yesterday and Julie was able to work with me to solve the issue before 8:40am.  If that’s not great customer service, I don’t know what is.  She is the reason I love LP so much.  
Please put this in her personnel file.  Julie is probably the best customer service rep I have had the pleasure to work with regardless of the industry.   She should teach this stuff.  But I’m sure being dedicated and hard-working are not skills that can be taught.

Elizabeth Sweeney [Sales, Trans 58]

Thanks Tony!  I had to get moving out of the office, so I went to the Logistics Board, printed off my paperwork and labels and left a note for the Con-Way driver giving him a phone to call to get him loaded.  It worked out so very smoothly.  I so appreciate all your help on this AND  Logistics Plus always makes my office life a breeze.  Can't thank your organization enough!  Have a great week!

Melissa Nix [General Manager, B & B MNF]

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