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Putting the "Plus" in Logistics Plus
| LP International :: 11/24/2014

Erie to Cleveland to Scotland

People often ask us what the “Plus” in in Logistics Plus means. Although it can be difficult to put into words, we often say the “plus” represents all of the extra little things we do to help our customers be successful - whether that means someone working late to track a shipment, assigning a dedicated resource to work on a project, or providing some training on trade compliance regulations.

Yes, these are all things we do, but nothing is more representative of the “plus” than an actual example. Many of these “true examples” go unnoticed and undocumented since it is just the way we go about our business here at Logistics Plus. However, from time to time, we get a customer who take the time to acknowledge something special one of our employees has done, and it really helps shine a light on some pretty cool stuff our people will do to get the job done.

Take Emily Grein, a logistics specialist and member of our International services staff. On Thursday of last week, Emily received a call from one of our customer’s customers. Apparently a production line in Scotland was going to shut down if a special part in Erie, Pennsylvania was not delivered immediately. Emily, with her passport in hand, volunteered to pick up the part, drive it to the Cleveland airport in a total snow blizzard, and then fly to Glasgow, Scotland where she personally delivered the part the next day. 

In the end, the customer avoided a costly production line shut-down for which they were very happy. In fact, the external sales manager for the company wrote the following testimonial back to us to say … "We (all) endured a real difficult few days last week, in relation to supply of critical goods to a key customer.  I’d like to say thanks to Emily, who had a real difficult journey in getting the goods to us.  After a serious amount of hours travelling, with very little sleep, I couldn’t believe how friendly and pleasant she managed to be, at the point of arrival. …. I’m not convinced I could have achieved this.  It goes without saying, and I’m pretty certain you’ll agree, you’re really fortunate to have a work colleague and an asset, that is Emily Grein."

That, my friends, is how we put the “plus” in Logistics Plus. Contact us if you’re ready to experience it for yourself. 

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Entrepreneur of the Year Hall of Fame
| LP Corporate :: 11/19/2014

Last week Jim Berlin, CEO and owner of Logistics Plus Inc., and Yuriy Ostapyak, director of global operations, both attended the EY Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs, CA where the annual EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ awards were presented. Jim and Yuriy both report that the conference was entertaining and inspirational and they brought back a lot of ideas learned and shared with fellow entrepreneurs at the conference.

The conference included many thoughtful and insightful presentations from well-known celebrities such as Ron Howard, Seth, Myers, Emmitt Smith, Jimmy Johnson, and David Robinson, as well as accomplished entrepreneurs such as Tony Hsieh (CEO for Zappos) and Patricia Woertz (CEO for Archer Daniels Midland Company). 

As a very entrepreneurial company in its own right, Logistics Plus would like to congratulate Mr. David Hung, CEO and founder of Medivation, one of biotech's greatest success stories, for taking home the "2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year" award. We'd also like to congratulate the many regional winners and finalists for their extraordinary achievements. 

You can click here to see more highlights from the show, or watch the YouTube video below. 

Of course, Jim Berlin is no stranger to the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards having won an award himself back in 2004 for the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Region. Jim is also a lifetime member of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Hall of Fame, a truly well-earned distinction (see image below, which can be found on the website).

Jim Berlin Hall of Fame