Sized to fit your needs, whatever they are.
Our dedicated warehousing and distribution services offer "virtual warehousing", providing just the right size, in just the right place, for just the right length of time.  Don't pay for space you don't need; we'll find you the perfect fit!

Let us help diagnose your warehousing challenges, develop inventory management solutions and then make those solutions work where it matters – out there in the real world.

Customer Benefits:
  • Secure and clean warehouse environments
  • Expert care in handling and storing of products
  • LIFO and/or FIFO inventory management systems
  • Daily deliveries that complement ‘just-in-time’ requirements
  • Daily communication of warehousing activities
  • A “buffer zone” between suppliers and customers; saving you time and reducing errors
  • Ability to reduce on-hand inventory allowing for better utilization of factory floor space
  • Pick, Pack and Ship services
Supplier Benefits:
  • Low cost warehousing located near your customers
  • Consolidation point for suppliers making multi-plant shipments
  • Significant reduction or elimination of costly rush shipments to customers
Contact Mary Lou Hardin at marylou.hardin@logisticsplus.net to see how we can meet your warehousing needs and exceed your expectations!