Technology Solutions

Connecting the Dots
At Logistics Plus, technology is part of our life and we strive to meet your needs by constantly improving the services and systems that we offer.  Whether you require the ability to incorporate our rate quotes, freight charges, or tracking and tracing information; we can seamlessly integrate them into your system or website.

Our LTL Application Programming Interface (API) allows advanced integration of the entire LTL rating, scheduling and tracking process into your existing application. You can also private-label our LTL platform and start offering turn-key LTL services to your customers in a record time.

We support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocol for electronic Invoicing for LTL and TL, business-to-business XML interface, web services, FTP and flat file exchange, enabling you to provide the highest tier of service to your logistics department and your customers.

Logistics Plus is dedicated to learning more about your specific operations, your service needs, your customers and their expectations. Our technology team is just as open and dedicated to working with our customers as our logistics services teams are.

Check the links below for some of our systems or contact us and tell us about your needs.