Total Logistics Management

Supply Chain Solutions
We do all kinds of transportation at Logistics Plus, but we do our BEST work when we can integrate into our customers' day to day business.  As part of your team, we can look up and down your supply chain, identify the weakest links and repair them.  We can provide opportunities for savings in both money and time.  And we do it all without increasing your staffing.

Let us take on your transportation headaches, while you focus on what you do best: producing quality products!

Whitehall Group

Logistics Plus is proud to announce a new partnership with Whitehall Group, to provide valuable risk management services to our clients.

Whitehall Group

The Whitehall Group is a management firm that serves manufacturers who are focused on growth or restructuring. Whitehall Group provides a broad range of operational and financial services, including Interim Corporate Management, Operational and Financial Performance Improvement, Due Diligence, Turnaround and Restructuring, and Transactional Services such as M&A and Divestiture, or Chapter 11, Crisis Management and Orderly Liquidation. The company is viewed as industry leader and works with clients ranging up to $500 million to drive rapid change and deliver value for owners, management, investors, and lenders.