Business Solutions

Beyond Basic Transportation
You have a business to run. While you concentrate on that, let Logistics Plus assist you with everything related to transportation, including some things you may have overlooked:

1. Are you keeping up with changing international trade compliance regulations?
2. Are you using letters of credit to their best advantage, or are they costing you more than they are worth?
3. Are all of your shipments, both domestic and international, adequately insured against damage or loss?
4. Are you identifying the best global providers for products and services?
5. Are you struggling with internal systems that do not provide the transportation data that you need?

Whitehall Group

Logistics Plus is proud to announce a new partnership with Whitehall Group, to provide valuable risk management services to our clients.

Whitehall Group

The Whitehall Group is a management firm that serves manufacturers who are focused on growth or restructuring. Whitehall Group provides a broad range of operational and financial services, including Interim Corporate Management, Operational and Financial Performance Improvement, Due Diligence, Turnaround and Restructuring, and Transactional Services such as M&A and Divestiture, or Chapter 11, Crisis Management and Orderly Liquidation. The company is viewed as industry leader and works with clients ranging up to $500 million to drive rapid change and deliver value for owners, management, investors, and lenders.